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Avoid toxic debt


Just mentioning the word “debt” conjures up a variety of emotions in most of us. When you add the word “toxic” in front of it, we often go into panic mode. Well, to some degree. Having toxic debt is not wise in any respect. However, sometimes we cannot avoid the situation. In this blog, we will discuss 3 variations of toxic debt and how to avoid or eliminate these unhealthy debts and practices.


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steps to apply for renter's insurance

5 Steps to Apply for a Mortgage

Buying a home is usually the biggest purchase you will ever make. Often, it can seem overwhelming while trying to navigate through the buying process. In this blog, we will outline five steps you can take to make home buying a little easier.

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retiring in a recession

5 Tips for Retiring in a Recession

You want to retire soon, but you see energy prices fluctuating, an unstable stock market, and interest rates rising. Is it safe to retire now or should you wait? In this blog, we will discuss some measures you can take to keep volatile economic conditions from hindering your retirement plans.

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Learn more about renters insurance

Should You Get Renters Insurance?

Do you need renters’ insurance? Can you afford renters’ insurance? More specifically, can you afford NOT to have renters’ insurance?

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Car insurance tips

Shopping for Car Insurance, Savings vs Security

You’re shopping for car insurance, and you are bombarded with different ads trying to sell you a policy. Which one do you go with? How do you know which company has a policy that meets your needs? In this blog post, we will address some of the more important aspects of shopping for car insurance.

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term insurance vs life insurance

Term Life vs Whole Life Insurance, How Do I Choose

In this blog post, we will discuss the two major types of life insurance along with their pros and cons. We will also discuss, briefly, some lesser-known alternatives that really merit a closer look.

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protect your money while on vacation

It’s Vacation Time Again, Are You Prepared?

With summer just around the corner, people across the nation are gearing up for that long-awaited vacation to a dream destination of their choice. Maybe it’s Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, or Yellowstone to see Old Faithful. Perhaps you’re dreaming bigger with a trip to the Bahamas, England, or Europe. Whatever your dream destination is, have you planned out how you’re going to carry your cash?

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