FSNB has been awarded the 2022 Air Force Distinguished Bank of the Year Award!

Military Advanced Checking is an account that was created specifically for our military personnel.

Routing Number: 103112675
Military Advanced Checking Account
  • Open a Military Advanced Checking Account online now!

Savings Round Up

Round up the amount of any CheckCard purchase to the next whole dollar amount and deposit the excess into your savings account. Learn More

Early Pay

Receive your direct deposits a day early with the Military Advanced Checking Account!

Graduation Credit Card

Apply for a Graduation Credit Card after you complete Basic/Advanced Training that offers great benefits like no annual fee! Give us a call at 1-800-749-4583 for more details.

Smart Savers

Special interest rate Savings account for our military members. Now is the time to build wealth, not debt. Set up an Automatic Funds Transfer between your FSNB Checking and Savings account

5 Star Online Banking

Free 5 Star Online Banking that allows you to have access to several amazing features like mobile check deposit and bill pay! Learn More

24/7 ATM Access

Free, unlimited access to FSNB’s ATM network. — Find an ATM

What You Need To Know:
    Military Advanced Checking is an account that was created specifically for our military personnel that has no account fees.

    If you need to find a branch to open an account, Click Here.

If you need an account opened now, Click Here. This will direct you to our Online Account Opening Page. Unfortunately, the Military Advanced Checking Account cannot be opened online at this time. But you can view our selection of fantastic online accounts that have unbeatable features.

    If you are a veteran, check out our Veteran’s Page! If you would like more Military banking information, visit www.ambahq.org for the latest news on Military banking.

Benefits of Banking with FSNB

Build your credit history for the future. Over a period of time, you will be able to apply for auto loans, home loans and personal loans.

   A bank account is more secure than a prepaid debit card.

   Bank accounts provide you direct access to government stimulus and tax return deposits.

Automatic Fund Transfers allow you to set up a transfer to any other FSNB account to provide financial assistance to another account holder or possibly out of sight/out of mind transfers to a savings account.

We have Live Chat through Online Banking and Live Customer Service Representatives that will be happy to assist you Monday through Friday 7:00 am CST to 7:00 pm CST and Saturday 8:00 am CST to 1:00 pm CST.

There are many benefits to opening a military checking account with fort sill national bank.

Military Advanced Checking:

  This account has no service charge if you have a Military DFAS direct deposit.

  Available to recruits ages 17 and up. No parent or guardian required.

  Fee free cashier’s checks.

  Fee free money orders.

  Free checks with an accumulated balance of $200 dollars per quarter.

  Interest accrues with a minimum balance of $500.

  No credit check.

Free Visa CheckCard with no monthly or annual fees. It is created and activated for you on the spot at a branch of your choosing or it can be mailed to you if you open your account by mail.

  Unlimited check writing.

Recruiters: FSNB has two physical locations on post and base; Fort Sill in Oklahoma and Sheppard AFB in Texas. We also have many branches surrounding military installations in DE, LA, TN, and NC. It would be our honor to visit you, on-site, to assist you in providing additional financial services to our military personnel! Please, give us a call at 1-866-807-9848 to set up a date and time to get started.

Military Advanced Checking account is an account made specifically for veterans.

3 Fast, Easy and Secure Ways to open an Account

1. Open Military Advanced Checking in a Branch
To save time, you can print out the Customer Information sheet, fill it out and bring it with you to any branch location with your valid US ID and $5.00 for your initial deposit.

Click Here To Find A Branch.

2. Open Military Advanced Checking by Mail:
1. Click on the "Open Account Now" button to open and print the PDF file.
2. Fill out the Documents.
3. Contact our military account specialist to assist you with continuing the process of opening an FSNB account or find a branch near you.

Contact Information:
FSNB, National Association
Attn: Veterans Help Desk
P.O. Box 33009
Fort Sill, OK 73503

Veterans Email: veterans@fsnb.com
Veterans Hotline: 1-866-807-9848

Monday – Friday: 830 - 1730
Saturday and Sunday: 0900 - 1700

Open Account by Mail

*Unfortunately, the only options for opening a Military Advanced checking account is by mail or by visiting a local branch. We do have other options for online account opening for you if visiting a branch or MAILING paperwork is not feasible. See more details below.

3. Open an E-Account Online:
- Open one of our E-Accounts online if you live in a qualifying state.
- Military Advanced is not available to be opened online at this time.

Open Account Online

Open a Military Advanced Checking account by mail or online today!

Don’t Stop Here!

Once you get your new Military Advanced Checking account, take your finances to the next level:

Access your account on your desktop, smartphone or tablet with Online Banking. Enroll today.

Build your credit with a Graduation Credit Card that requires no credit check. This offer is only valid 30 days after you graduate. You must provide your Graduation Certificate and have an active DFAS direct deposit to your FSNB Military Advanced Checking Account.

   Open a Smart Savers Saving Account and enroll in Savings Round Up.

   Ramp up your financial readiness and check out our Education section!

Enjoy the benefit of our Remote Deposit! It is a great feature that we offer to our customers. Ask us how to get you set up!
Once you get your new Military Advanced Checking account, take your finances to the next level with these services.

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